DOMING Dapping Tool Block PUNCH set | Forming Shaping Kit

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DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 10pcs set

DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 10pcs set


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DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 26pcs set

DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 26pcs set


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DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 8pcs JUMBO set

DOMING Dapping PUNCH Block | 8pcs JUMBO set


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You are buying 1 set of heavy duty dapping doming forming punch block tools.


There are 3 dapping punch block sets to choose from: 10pcs doming block punch set, 26pcs doming block punch set and the JUMBO size XL 8pcs doming block punch set.


Features of all 3 dapping block punch sets,
- Made of high grade carbon tool steel. Precision machined, polished and hardened for years of superior performance
- The tool sets are polished burr free and come in a polished hard wood stand to keep the contents handy and organised
- Great for doming, shaping, forming and chasing gold, silver, copper, brass and other soft metals in the dapping blocks
- Hardwood storage base is etched with measurement labels for each punch
- Each dapping punch has its size number engraved on it, never worry about mixing up
- All the dapping sets are brand new in factory package. Punches and blocks will have grease/oil coat to prevent corrosion which will need to be cleaned.

- Please use safety glasses when ever using a hammer to strike metal.

10pcs doming block punch set includes 
- Doming dapping block measures approximately 85 x 48 x 23mm, has 8 hemispheres matching for the 8 doming punches. Block is completely smooth on the opposite side for use as a bench anvil block base.
- 8 doming punches, full length (includes punch head) is around 3.5"/88mm, engraved number 1 to 8 with punch face/head diameter sizes from 5mm to 27mm respectively: 5mm | 8mm | 11mm | 14mm | 17mm | 19mm | 24mm | 27mm
- Hardwood storage base size  172 x 120 x 22mm, every custom slot is etched with both number and face size for each punch


26pcs complete doming block punch set includes 
- 2"/48mm Doming dapping block has 18 hemispheres for shaping and forming jewellery or small precision parts. Sizes range from diameter 4.5mm to 40mm 
- 24 doming punches, full length (includes punch head) is around 3.5"/88mm, engraved number 1 to 24 with punch face/head diameter sizes from 2.3mm to 25mm respectively: 1/2.3mm | 2/3.5mm | 3/4.3mm | 4/5.1mm | 5/5.9mm | 6/6.7mm | 7/7.5mm | 8/8.3mm | 9/9.1mm | 10/9.9mm | 11/10.7mm | 12/11.5mm | 13/12.3mm | 14/13mm | 15/13.8mm | 16/14.8mm | 17/15.4mm | 18/16.2mm | 19/17mm | 20/18.6mm | 21/20.2mm | 22/21.8mm | 23/23.4mm | 24/25mm
- Hardwood storage base size 200 x 115 x 30mm, every custom slot is etched with both number and face size for each punch


JUMBO Size 8pcs doming block punch set XL includes,
- 3"/77mm extra large doming dapping block has 6 hemispheres indentations matching the 6 doming punches.
- 6 doming punches, full length (includes punch head) are from about 100mm to 110mm. Each punch engraved number 1 to 6 with punch face/head diameter sizes from 1.25"/32mm to 2.5"/63mm respectively: 1.25”/32mm | 1.5"/38mm | 1.75”/45mm | 2”/50mm | 2.25”/57mm | 2.5”/63mm

- Hardwood storage base size 210 x 165 x 45mm, every custom slot is etched with punch face size in inch/mm
- This is the LARGEST quality dapping block punch set available on the market, just check the size of the block and punches.

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Great for coin rings.

By: on 19 December 2019
I purchased these a few weeks ago and it's been great for making rings from coins, also the delivery was fast to arrive. Recommended!

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