There is no "Trade price" or "Wholesale price". To be fair, the price is the same for everybody and non-negotiable. Discounts are offered through (capped) postage discount, bulk qty pricing (when there is sufficient stock) and store email promotions.


We aim to offer our customers the lowest possible prices. For packaging products, i.e. gift boxes and pouches, if the qty you require is much more than the bulk qty in the item listing, and you need them regularly, please contact us. Thanks.


At the same product and quality, we beat any competitor's prices, please contact us.


Unlike other wholesalers, all prices on our website already INCLUDES GST. There is no 10% add up before you pay... The price you see on the products is the the price you pay at check out.


System will email tax invoice to you once order is paid. For the money you paid to us, you will get 10% back when you lodge tax turn if you are GST registered.